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Facilities / rooms

Fitness Gym & Spa

Membership Fitness & Spa "Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club"
Hotel guests are free to use.
Charge healing with a private feeling at the executive gym and pool.

フィットネス&スパ プール

Our members-only fitness club Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club can only be used freely by hotel guests.

*Guests must be 18 or older to make use of gym facilities.

Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club
hours: 6:30AM–10:00PM (last entry: 9:00PM)
※ The use is limited to those over the age of 18


Guest Rooms

From the royal suite with the supremacy of 142 square meters suitable for the name of Allamanda,
Stadium suite overlooking Chichibu Rugby Field,
Even with single use feel free to fully enjoy the Aoyama Stay to the standard,
We have 9 types available.

Dining / Restaurant

All-day cafe and dining which can see the Jingu Gaien.
From breakfast at dining where sunshine pours down, gem to taste at dinner and
You can spend a relaxing time to carefully selected wines & cocktails.

Dining/Restaurant Portofino

Floor Guide

  • 11F Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club
  • 10F Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club / Spa Lobby
  • 09F Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club
  • 08F Restaurant
  • 07F Rooms: 701-706
  • 06F Rooms: 601-615
  • 02F Lobby / Rooms: 201-210
  • 01F Entrance
  • 11F
  • 10F
  • 9F
  • 8F
  • 7F
  • 6F
  • 2F
  • 1F
  • ∗ Please click the floor number you want to see.