Hotel Allamanda Aoyama

About Allamanda Aoyama

The name of the city of Aoyama originates from the Aoyama family, the founder of the Daimyo who built a mansion in this area in the early Edo period.
Beyond the time, Aoyama which history and tradition weaves has evolved into the outbreak place of the world epidemic.
It is attractive to color the TOKYO, the best location near Omotesando, Ginza and Roppongi.
While being in the city, you will be healed by the view that you can enjoy nature every season.

aoyama street 1

Extremely wide area of action
Colors the lifestyle of the new era
"Hotel Allamanda Aoyama"

The address is Minato-ku Aoyama 2 chome.
Convenient for shopping, business and sightseeing
"Hotel Allamanda Aoyama" boasts an outstanding location for access.
The lush green shrine Jingu Gaien is also a short walk away.

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Open terrace cafe and
Streets that high sensitivity shops gather

Location of "Hotel Allamanda Aoyama" where beautiful ginkgo aki is nearby.
Omotesando, Ginza and Roppongi where high brand shops gather are within a few minutes to 20 minutes by car.
Also, sculptures such as antique street and museums, shrines and temples and temples are scattered, and there is also a scent of culture.
With the best location to feel "fashion", "Japanese culture" and "changing seasons"
You can enjoy shopping and walks.

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Essence stimulates five senses Kaoru
A stay in the hotel a la carte

Aoyama · The Farmers' Market of the United Nations University's University Square Weather-friendly every weekend, more than 70 farmers and artisans participate Marche.
On the way back from Marche
Also searching for art at bookstore "Aoyama Book Center" loved by creators all over the world.
For a recommended walk course, please contact us at the reception on the second floor.