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About Allamanda Aoyama

The city of Aoyama is named after the Aoyama family, a daimyo who built a mansion in the area during the early Edo period.
Aoyama is a place that coexists with both the cutting edge of fashion that big cities like Tokyo have created, and traditional Japanese culture that continues on from Edo.

aoyama street 1

Allamanda Aoyama.
Close to the lush green shrine of Jingu Gaien, and a convenient place from which to explore the city.

Located next to Harajuku and Omotesando, and only a single subway stop away from Ginza and Shinjuku. Its location is well-suited for shopping, sightseeing, and business alike.
In addition to favorable access conditions, our guests can also enjoy walking amongst the fragrance of the nearby trees spreading from the lush green forest-like garden, a rare sight in the center of a major city.

aoyama street 2

A townscape with terrace cafés and stylish shops

Antique shops and art museums that convey old and new art alike.
Shinto shrines and temples that convey Edo culture, and numerous other gems that line antique street.
These attractions are unique to Japan, and make one eager to go out and walk around.

aoyama street 3

The Aoyama Book Center is a bookmart beloved by creators all over the world.
Why not take the time to explore this unique market in Aoyama on a lovely weekend?

On the weekend, guests an visit the Farmers' Market held at Aoyama/the UNU University square.
Every week you can enjoy discovering wonderful items across more than 70 shops run by local farmers, craftsmen, and chefs.